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EV Charging System

What is AC Chager

Alternate current (AC) charging is the most common method for electric vehicles with a plug. AC is referred to as level 2 (L2) and level 1 (L1) chargers and is commonly found in home and workplace settings, as well as in many public locations. AC will charge about 3.3kw to 19kw and usually plugged overnight at home or at workplace through out the day. Once plugged into an electric vehicle into a normal charge point, the power gets converted inside the vehicle, then it moves into the car battery. 

What is DC fast Chager

Dc fast charging (level 3 charging) offer the fastest charging speeds available today. Current DC fast chargers are supported by Electrify America which includes the combined charging system (CSS) connectors and CHAdeMO connectors. DC fast charger connects directly to the car battery which allows the off-board equipment to have any power needed. The DC fast charger charges within 20 minutes for most cars which is faster than the normal charging hour and is capable of charging up to 80%. DC fast charger is essential for drivers and do not have to worry about running out of energy.



Level 1

Think of your ordinary household outlet that is basically 120V AC house current that is capable of up to two kilowatts of power. The best places to have level 1 charger would be house, hotels, airports, casino, and air b&b somewhere that allows you to charge throughout the night or more.


Level 2

This charger sits between cheap level 1 and the expensive DC fast charger. This supplies 240V, capable of up to 90 kilowatts of power. and it goes through a box and a cord that improves safety by waiting to send the power to the plug until it’s plugged into an EV. This charges overnight typically within six to eight hours. Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations are usually installed at home or can easily spotted in any places that owns the charging stations.

DC Faster

Level 3

which can also be referred to as a 480 V AC connection. Level 3 usually means a DC power source. This is a very powerful charger that requires only 20 minute with no messy, inefficient conversion from AC. This provides up to 40 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging but due to expenses and requirements of more power than your house, this is not recommended for house installations. 


Q & A

1. How many chargers can it be installed per site? 

  • The maximum is four

2. what is the first step for EV charging system 

  • Contact GSES Group Inc. representative to star on application process. 

3. How long is the application process 

  • After Approved 8 month

4. How much rebate can I receive ?

  • Rebate amounts will be either the lesser of 75% (for non-DAC sites) and 80% (for DAC sites)

5. ROI calculation? 

  • Once there is a contract between our company and our customer we will be able to help you with ROI calculation. 

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